The project Short Term Expert (STE-Project) is an integrated part of the overall Management Advisory Services Project. The Contractor was advised by GTZ contract to take into consid-eration the status and authority of the present Team Leader, Mr. Peter Klein (see GTZ-TOR 6. Acceptance of the Contractor’s Work Carried Out under this Contract).

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The report will consequently consider also the GTZ-TOR handed over to RWE Energie AG during the commissioning of this project part Short Term Experts (PN 90.2084.3 - 01.100). Contradicting of the TOR, handed over to the successful bidder (RWE Energie AG) from the AP, Mr. Klein as a basis for the proposal, GTZ head office integrated additional activities to its TOR, and also modified the original approach, in that way, the bidder proposed. These changes also had influence on the Contractor’s approach and methodology, compared with the activities, stated in the operation plan and activities of the ZOPP IV (March 1995). In the Contractor’s view, the project progress mission did not consider these changes of activities up to a sufficient degree.

The Contractor’s approach and the TOR of GTZ head office divided the Short Term Expert Project into two phases I and II. Mainly part I (the so called preliminary phase) was not car-ried out on site as planned because of the AP’s advise. This change of the Contractor’s approach had some considerable influence on the achievement of goals, particularly concerning the project management part of the STE-Project (TOR 4 Manage Projects).

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 Here you can download of a xps-version of the final report

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