In order to meet future requirements, the existing computer network system in the Khartoum Irrigation Office (KIO) has to be re­placed due to the age of the system. Extension of storage capacity is not practical in view of the age of both hard- and software, and the network speed requires urgent upgrading in order to provide up-to-date capabilities. In addition, DIU wishes to install a comprehensive database covering all existing documentation relating to agricultural projects held within DIU, and including provision for managing future information requirements. Helmut Neukam carried out a comprehensive study and formulated according recommendation to meet the specific requirements.

Pictures of the Project

The coincident timing of the requirements for replacement of hard- and software in the KIO and for development of a comprehensive DIU Document Management System (DMS) offers the opportunity to combine both activities in a first phase through the installation of new hardware and software and implementation of a pilot DMS in the KIO office, which can later be expanded to become DIU’s full-scale DMS.

Project documents in the KIO are in many cases comparable to those in DIU, so that the KIO system is suitable for the proposed pilot project approach. The currently applied file repository system comprises an unrestricted directory and subdirectory structure that is not based on unified rules that are im­plemented for file names. A more efficient approach comprises a database-oriented document storage and document exchange organisation of the files and directories.

DIU has requested that alternatives to the current Microsoft dependence be investigated, including both server and client software. An Open Source solution might be feasible for a future KIO environment. This investigation will be carried out in parallel with the intended pilot project.

A Database Contractor (DC) would be engaged to implement under the Consultant's supervision the recommended system after DIU’s approval has been obtained. The Conskultant would provide a DMS Project Manager to oversee and supervise the implementation and to provide DIU with detailed reporting on project development, project progress and cost monitoring. The local staff of DIU and KIO would be trained during each step of the Project in order to provide the necessary skills to the entire organisation.

Implementation would involve a staged approach, initially involving the installation of new hard- and software for KIO with the capacity for handling DIU’s future needs, followed by the introduction of first the pilot DMS (KIO), and then the DIU DMS. Transfer of the system to DIU could also incorporate a phased approach, with sections of DIU’s data being incorporated into the DMS successively.

Assuming DIU’s agreement to the proposals set out in the report, the next step would be to prepare technical and financial proposals for implementation of the recommended approach.

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Helmut Neukam

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