The Consultant looks back to a broad experience with regard to both, training design and training implementation within Technical Assistance (TA) projects world-wide. Furthermore the Consultant wants to emphasis a high necessity of developing an appropriate training management within the concerned utility ELECTROGAZ. The following statements will provide a clear view about the understanding of the training approach within such a project. The last chapter describes the indispensable twinning arrangement between a European Power and Water Utility and ELECTROGAZ under the supervision of the Consultant (slideshow of results).

Pictures of the Project

Targets of the Know-How Transfer Scheme

Know-how transfers schemes consider three different tasks. The Training understanding of the Operator includes those activities that serve to improve an individual’s performance on a currently held job or one related to it. Education consists of learning new skills, knowledge, and attitude that will enable the employees to assume a new job involving different tasks at some future time. Training and education both focus on either currently held jobs or predetermined different jobs with in the organisation. Development involves learning oriented both personal and organisational growth but is not restricted to a specific present or future job. It prepare employees to keep pace with the organisation it changes and grows. Due to these facts the Operator’s training approach involves all three different tasks with regard to an improvement of ELECTROGAZ workforce.

Conceptual Approach

The Operator’s training department has been involved in many comparable projects where training for both, technical and commercial management was implemented within TA (technical assistance) strategies. Based on this long-term experience the Operator recommends an approach which will emphasis a strong participation of staff of the concerned utility. Only this involvement of ELECTROGAZ’ staff will lead to an overall success of both, the entire project and the intended know how transfer scheme. The Operator describes his basic understanding of both, the training approach and an indispensable twinning approach.



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