In the framework of the PHARE project Audit and Training in Operation and Maintenance in Thermal Power Plants of RENEL (CONEL) in Romania the Consultant elaborated a compre­hensive organisational recommendation to strengthen and optimise maintenance procedures in two selected power plants Constanta and Deva. After implementation the adopted procedures should be further implemented in all power plants of CONEL.

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Final Report as pdf-file

More than hundred years old
and still in operation:
Hydro Power Plant in Sinaja

The recommendations for the CONEL management included the following steps:

  • Selection of power plant equipment which is to be considered for the pilot project.
  • Implementation of a codification system for the se­lected plant equipment.
  • Data collection of equipment history for the set-up of maintenance strategies.
  • Elaboration of appropriate maintenance strategies for the selected equipment.
  • Training on the different maintenance strategies.

All recommended steps were comprehensively introduced to CONEL management and adopted to the overall or­ganisational understanding of the Romanian Power Util­ity.


PHARE Project

Ministry of Industry and Trade, Romania

Romania Electricity Authority (RENEL / CONEL)

Main Data:

  • Organisational Analysis
  • Management Training

Execution: 06/1998 – 10/1999


  • Organisational analysis of the operation and maintenance management of CONEL
  • Management training courses in Bucharest
  • Management training courses in Germany
  • On-the-job-training for the Power Plant Constanta
  • Symposium Maintenance Strategies in Constanta
  • Selection of a computer-based maintenance management system
  • Implementation of a computer-based maintenance system
  • Training on the computer-based maintenance management system

Helmut Neukam (links) with his wonderful colleague Helmut Zacher
in Bucuresti during one of the various visits in the project

 Here you can download of a xps-version of the final report

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