PLN is the governmental Power Utility of Indosia. The existing training centre for electricity transmission and distribution in Maninjau (West Sumatera) was to be strengthened due to missing practical course programmes for operation and maintenance staff. Helmut Neukam was responsible as Project Director during the entire project duration.

Pictures of the Project

Pictures of West Sumatera (ten years after project finalisation)

The project steps were:

- to carry out a training need analysis

- to develop a training evaluation system

- to develop a training curricula for technical PLN staff

- to introduce new media production methods

- to implement a training media archiv

- to equipe the training centre with appropriate demonstration equipment

- to implement new training methods

- to carry out a comprehensive train-the-trainer pro­gramme

- to prepare the training organisation for profit centre orientation

- to carry out classroom-training and on-the-job train­ing

- to run a pilot project technical loss reduction

- to combine the activities of the pilot project with training on the job



PLN Indonesia / Pusdiklat

Training Centre Maninjau - West Sumatera
GTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit

Main Data:

- Distribution and Transmission long term expert (Mr. Herbert Köhler, Mr. Gerhard Vogel)

- Training expert (Mr. Ron Brown, Mr. Bernd Kadel, Mr. Klaus Albrichtsfeld)

- Protection Expert (diferent short term experts)

- Training management expert (Mr. Neukam, Mr. Kadel)

- HRD expert  (Mr. Neukam during short term visits in PLN headquater)

Execution: 1993 - 1998 (serveral short term assignments until 2003)


- Training Need Analysis

- Curricula Development

- Train-the-trainer courses

- Counterpart training (study tour)

- Implementation of a pilot project ( technical loss reduction Bukit Tinggi )

- Training Centre epuipment advisory services

- Procurement of training equipment

- Design of job description for training staff

- Training supervision

When I visited the location Maninjau in February 2008 I found the Training Centre in very poor condition. The former white buildings apear in a rodden grey. The former staff of PLN have left the Centre and buildt a new one near Padang.

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