In October 2008 Helmut Neukam carried out a brief assessment concerning the organisational structure of NAWEC. In line with this assessment it was intended to provide support to the Human Resource and Administration Department with regards to the elaboration of job description and how to define a clear understanding of an HRAD Division’s objective within NAWEC.

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Assessment Report as pdf-file

The organisational structure of NAWEC has to be adjusted to organisational stand-ards. A five level structure should be sufficient to the company’s needs. The organ-isational units are (1) CEO, (2) division, (3) department, (4) section, and (5) sub-section. The difference between disciplinary responsibility and professional leader-ship currently creates two organisational levels, which have to be eliminated or at least synchronized.

These two managerial functions shall not create two different organisational levels; however, the different grades of the functions are to be suffi-ciently considered. As long this conflict is not considered as a desirable change necessity, NAWEC will not have a proper organisation scheme.

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 Here you can download of a pdf-version of the assessment report

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