The development of Eritrea’s energy sector depands one two major issues: (1) to strengthen the two utilities EEA and PCE, and (2) to develop the Ministry of Energy and Mines, including its departments, as a supporting and controlling source for the respective utilities. The established utilities should keep their present independence as far as possible, the Ministry’s intervention should only take place concerning long term development issues of these utilities. The utilities day to day business should not be hindered by restrictive interference of the Ministry and its departments.

The desired strengthening of the two utilities could be achieved by the implementation of a strategic planning strategy. The results of a strategic planning exercise will set the utilities in a position, to prepare all strategic decisions for approval by the Ministry level.

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The Ministry’s departments should contribute to the utilities planning exercises in a way, that they provide all necessary data for the elaboration of strategic plans. It is not desirable that the Ministry’s departments carry out those strategic plans themselves. This set-up of responsibilities makes it unnecessary to build up own planning resources within the Ministry’s departments. This model of independently acting utilties requires a clearly defined levelling of the participating institutions of the entire energy sector. The report describes such a level model, the involved institutions, the different plans to be developed, and the flow of information.

Concerning the human resource development strategy general recommendations are made. The provided information about future tasks of the Ministry’s departments should serve as guidelines for prompt implementation by the Ministry and its subordinated departments.

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Flow of information concerning the formulation of the ESP

 Here you can download of a xps-version of the final report

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